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Introduction Guide to the Chrome Extension

Introduction Guide to the Chrome Extension

What is Chrome Extension?
- It’s a tool to capture information instantly on any webpage on Chrome.
- We designed it to reduce context switching, distraction

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store: Go to Chrome Extension.
  2. Add to Chrome: Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install the extension.


Once installed, using the extension is straightforward:

Capturing Information

    • Highlight & Save: Simply highlight any text or image on a webpage, right-click, and select the ‘Save to’ option from the context menu.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts: For an even faster capture, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Just highlight the text and hit the shortcut keys!
      • Ctrl + Shift + K to create a new note
      • Ctrl + M to insert highlighted content to current opening note

Managing Saved Content

    • Access Your Dashboard: Click on the extension icon in your browser toolbar to view your saved notes.
    • Retrieve: You can easily retrieve information by clicking in the Extension button and ask AI directly
    • Organize: All your new notes are sent to your inbox on Here you can review, mark as read, move to designated folders, edit, or delete them to keep everything neat and tailored to your needs.

Tip: You can Pin the extension to easily access the Extension button

Tips for Maximizing Use

    • Explore Regularly: Since this is a new way to capture information, try frequently use and make it a habit to capture interesting facts and ideas as you browse. All those information will be treasure for you later on (since you can easily recall them via app)
    • Join the community: You can join the discord community of to explore further use case, tips here

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