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Learn with ease, tackle school like a breeze

Easily note, recall, write, and complete projects with a simple-design note & to-do list app, using best-in-class AI Assistants. The Solution for ADHD Students

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Is this you?

You're an ambitious student!

Your tasks and notes are scattered all over place

You struggle to find the study notes, ideas, documents, or you saved months ago

You've learned many lessons, yet struggle to recall them at the right moment to apply

Here's the solution

Simple and Efficient

No longer burdened by overwhelming features that distract you from studying

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs - ADHD students

Know what to do

Write tasks in your notes

Never lose context and deadline for your tasks again. 

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

Find what you want

Half-remember something you wrote in some study notes/research months ago?

Import your notes & type in what you remember. AI will search across documents to find it for you

Find information - ADHD note taking app

Ask about specific subjects

Want to ask about Macroeconomic? Need an overview of Biology?

Just select the subject and ask the AI right away

Find information - ADHD note taking app

Brainstorm & Note together

Switching back and forth between GPT & notes frequently to brainstorm?

Not anymore! Now chat with multiple AI bots right alongside your chat

AI along side chat - ADHD note taking app

Apply what you saved

You find yourself duplicating study, repeating the same mistakes, failing to apply saved information to current problems?

No worry, your AI will automatically suggest relevant knowledge for you

relevant notes - ADHD note taking app

Research faster

No more context switching while you are deep in a task/research for your project

Capture - ADHD Note taking app

Never lose any ideas

Take notes and ask questions on the go by chatting directly with your assistant

Capture - ADHD Note taking app

Import in minutes

Already have thousands of study notes and documents?

Great! You can import them without losing your folder structure.

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