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An Trusted Chat GPT Alternative

Say goodbye to general answers  say hello to answers grounded in the knowledge you have vetted

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Why is a Trusted Chat GPT Alternative?

A custom AI based on your knowledge

GPT often generates general, superficial knowledge that may not align with your needs.

However, answers your questions based on YOUR knowledge base, providing answers you can be confident in.

Furthermore, if you prefer to reference specific sources only, you can select them and ask the AI directly.

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

Minimize context switching

We all dislike juggling multiple tabs while writing and brainstorming with AI. Unfortunately, Chat GPT doesn’t alleviate this hassle.

But does!

With, you can write with top AI models (GPT-4, Claude3, Gemini Pro) and search the internet right alongside your working document, minimizing distractions and speeding up your workflow.

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

Create Note from AI chat

We all hate having to copy every chat to our note app—it’s too cumbersome!

You don’t have to do that in because you can create a note about an AI response or the whole chat conversation simply with one click.

Rich Editor - Chat GPT Alternative

No manual organization

Organizing can be tedious to our ADHD brains. It’s hard to sit down and arrange boring stuff, disrupting our flow. 

With Chat GPT, you can’t even organize makes it easy.

You don’t have to think about what tags to use; AI will suggest tags for you.

If you don’t like to organize, don’t need to do it, your AI can find whatever you need based on what you remember.

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

Recall what you forgot

Ok, you have a lot of files, but you find yourself failing to recall knowledge from those documents?

Don’t have to worry about that in, because AI will automatically suggest relevant knowledge for you

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

Import in minutes

Interested? Already have thousands of notes?

Great! You can import them without losing your structure to Saner in a breeze 🙂

ADHD Note taking app - ADHD entrepreneurs

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