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Note. Recall. Create anywhere easily

AI Note taking app that helps you note quickly, recall easily, and develop new insights without context switching

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You research on many tabs. And you must switch tabs every time you want to note & record the sources

Your Note app doesn't give direct answer for your search. All you found is frustration & a missed deadline.

You forget the knowledge you noted in the past. And that's it. They are lost, buried, and brings no value to you.

You struggle to capture and use information seamlessly?

There's an easier way with

Start with

Capture information anywhere on web

Research & gather information at breeze with sources embedded. Goodbye tabs-switching.


Find what you search for easily

With natural language search, citation, list, and graph views, you can easily get the information you need. No more frustrated search.

Recall knowledge you forgot automatically suggest related notes to what you're working on, so that you can actually make use of the knowledge you saved

AI Note Taking

Search new ideas and create in one tab

Ask AIs & search internet along side your note - working space. Work faster without tabs-switching and distraction

Smart Inbox

Display your new notes to get things done

Tag Suggestion

Suggest tags based on note’s content & previous tags

Similar Note

Easily connect with similar knowledge in the past 

and essential features

AI Writing assistance

Hierarchical folders

Hardened security

Robust Integration

(Coming soon)

Offline Sync

(Coming soon)

Versatile Templates

(Coming soon)

Capture on the go

(Coming soon)

Share & Collaboration

(Coming soon)

Come with Easy organizing

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