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Seamlessly Scale YourKnowledgeNotes & HighlightsDocs & AI Context With AI seamlessly captures, organizes knowledge and generates insights, thus freeing up your time to focus on what's matter.

10x Productivity, Creativity and Learning Outcomes

Never let scattered information drag you down in career and personal life

Capture Easily

Effortlessly consolidate essential information from any source into one organized, accessible place

Stay Organized

Keep up with new notes, auto-categorize, and declutter your data by identifying similar and duplicated notes using AI

Unlock Insights

Unlock your knowledge with ChatGPT-like AI but knows all your notes
Overload, Overwhelming, Switching Context

Effortlessly Capture Everything, Everywhere

Say goodbye to switching context

Capture web information seamlessly

Immerse yourself in seamless note-taking with our collapsible side panel right in your browser. Say goodbye to context-switching hassles and stay effortlessly focused on your tasks

side panel notes
Chrome collapsible side panel notes
Fragmentation, Time-Consuming, Inconsistency

Organize Fast & Automatically with AI

Smart Inbox

Effortlessly track new, uncategorized, and crucial notes with Inbox View, ensuring you never overlook or forget important information again

Auto organize

Automatically organize your notes with AI-powered tagging and folder suggestions, ensuring a clutter-free and well-structured note-keeping experience

Handle duplicate information

Identify and consolidate similar notes effortlessly, ensuring a cohesive and consistent information flow in your knowledge base

Hierarchical Workspace Coming Soon

Multi-level organization, intuitive navigation, and customizable views for peak efficiency

Versatile Templates Coming Soon

Effortlessly manage to-do lists, reminders, and planning with customizable templates 

Automatic Backlink Integration Coming Soon

Effortlessly link notes with auto backlinking for a unified information flow

Lack of Productivity, Creativity

Unlock Insights from All Your Notes

Search relevant information

Search information without having to remember the exact terms you previously noted down

Unlock hidden insight
Our system automatically unveils patterns in your input that you didn’t know you didn’t know. Boost creativity and achieve out-of-the-box results with ease 
AI that know all your notes

An AI tailored to you. Uses foundational knowledge and your note to provide prompt, insightful answers without requiring lengthy context prompts or manually copying old AI answers as input


Come with comprehensive features

AI Knowledge Hub works great with your favorite features. Contact us if you can’t see your features here. 

Powerful - Block Editors

AI Writing assistance

Hierarchical folders

Hardened security

Robust Integration

(Coming soon)

Versatile Templates

(Coming soon)

Capture on the go

(Coming soon)

Share & Collaboration

(Coming soon)

Product Designers



Digital Agencies

Digital Marketers


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Our support team will get assistance from AI-powered suggestions,  making it quicker than ever to handle support requests.


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