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About Us

Supercharge human productivity and creativity  

Who Are We

Our Vision

At, we are passionate about supercharging human productivity and creativity

Our mission is to Empower innovation and world-changing pursuits by making working process easier, faster, more effective and enjoyable

In our initial phase, we focus on serving knowledge professionals, especially those with ADHD, by streamlining their workflow as seamlessly as possible.

Our Product Value are:
Speed - Reliability - Availablity - Intelligence - Peace of mind

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What to look for

Our Short-term Road map

Updated: 16 April 2024

  • Skai
    • stable and reliable version with better accuracy (notes and PDF)
    • select specific folders and notes to ask
    • handle image in notes
    • handle image in PDF
    • voice interface
  • Ally
    • Handle response citations and sources
    • Handle faster responses with real-time web searching.
  • Web App
    • Improved performance and pagination for thousands of notes.
    • Handle mobile view (responsive web design).
    • Refine inbox features.
    • Handle multilingual.
  • Editor
    • handle a better to-do list and bullet list.
    • handle handwriting.
  • Extension
    • handle chat with a web page.
  • Mobile Telegram Bot
    • handle text and link capture.
    • handle voice chat.
    • handle image capture.
  • Task Assistant via chat: TBU soon
  • Mobile App (Android, iOS): TBU soon

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