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Biggest Update: Smarter AI, Voice features, Chat with specific notes and More!

Saner.AI Biggest Update since Launch!

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce the stable release of Saner.AI!

Here are the powerful features, requested by users like you, that help you easily extract insights and work with your knowledge base, all while keeping the app simple to use.

1. πŸ† Advanced Skai's Retrieval and Reasoning

  • Instantly Learn: Skai is now up-to-date with your notes in real-timeβ€”milliseconds after saving!
  • Never Miss a Note: No more “I don’t have any notes” bug! The system will refresh and relearn your notes every 5 minutes to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Advanced Intelligence: Skai has been upgraded with most advanced retrieval and reasoning abilities to serve you better.

2. πŸ“ AI Personalized Task and Reminder Assistant

  • To-Do Lists and Reminders: Easily create tasks with due date or reminder directly in each note or by chat with Skai, who will then send personalized reminders to you!
  • Task Partner: Overwhelmed or don’t know where to start with a task? Ask Skai to breakdown, plan or guide you through the tasks

3. ✨ New Timeline View

  • Timeline view: With this view, you can see your notes by day, week, or month, enhancing your ability to track and manage information over time.

4. πŸ—£οΈ Voice & Recording Note Features

  • Voice Support: You can now send voice messages through chat or upload recordings directly into your notes.

5. πŸ“¬ Refined Inbox

  • Refined UI: Experience our new inbox UI, making it easier to view, and filter your tasks and notes.

6. πŸŒ’ Dark Mode

  • Yes, Dark Mode:Β We heard you πŸ™‚Β you can now enable Dark Mode or system sync in your settings.

7. βœ… Ask AI about specific notes/folders

  • Specific References: Get more accurate answers by specifying which folders or notes Skai should reference.

8. πŸ“‚ Easier folders and tags

  • Drag & Drop: Easily organize your workspace by dragging and dropping folders directly from your sidebar.
  • Bulk Actions: Select multiple notes or folders for bulk actions like moving or deleting.

9. πŸš€ General Improvements

  • Lightning Note Importing: Import thousands of notes from multiple sources like Apple Notes, Evernote, Notion, Obsidian, or files in seconds!
  • Smarter Searches: Keyword and semantic searches have been refined to return smarter, highlighted results.
  • Improved Telegram Bot: The Telegram bot is now 2x faster and supports voice notes and task creation on the go.
  • Core Actions: Fundamental actions like creating new chats or notes are now significantly faster.
  • Enhanced Tags: Tag suggestions are now smarter and more relevant to your existing notes.
  • Bugs fixed: We have fixed almost all of the small bugs and received feedback from folks like you!

Thank you all for your testing and feedback πŸ™ is becoming more stable, and and we’re excited to help you confidently manage your information and to-dos with ease.

We are committed to continually improving the app, so please keep the feedback coming!

Warm Regards, team

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