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Note. Recall. CreateAnywhere easily

A simple-design AI Note taking app that brings peace of mind to people with ADHDEasily capture, search, and build on your informationwithout context switching, feeling overwhelmed or forgetfulness

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Is this you?

You're an ADHD total rockstar - full of ideas, creativity, and drive!

Constantly switching among multiple browser tabs

Wasting hours to find ideas, notes you saved somewhere

Saved useful things but then completely forgot about them

Getting distracted & paralyzed in a matrix of features from that ultimate note app

This is the ADHD Note taking app for you

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Content creators

Simple and Awesome

No more overwhelming features

Keep your focus flow

No more context switching while you are deep in a task/research with a Chrome Extension

Capture - ADHD Note taking app

Note and Ask everywhere

Quickly offload your ideas and find them back on the go via Telegram bot

Telegram bot - ADHD Note taking app

Find what you want

Half-remember something you wrote in some meeting notes/contracts/research months ago?

Type in what you remember and AI will search across documents to find for you

Find information - ADHD note taking app

Not forget what you saved

Ever noted something helpful but then completely forgot about it?

No worry, your AI remembers and automatically suggests relevant knowledge for you

relevant notes - ADHD note taking app

AI and Note in one place

Switching back and forth between GPT & notes frequently?

Now chat with multiple AI bots right alongside the working documents

AI along side chat - ADHD note taking app

Note and Task in one place

Never lose context for your tasks again. Always know what you need to do in one place

AI along side chat - ADHD note taking app

Import in minutes

Already have thousands of meeting notes & docs?

Great! Import them to in seconds and enjoy the effective workflow now

Import - ADHD note taking app

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