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The best way to organize meeting notes [Updated]

The best way to organize meeting notes

Organizing meeting notes effectively can streamline your workflow and ensure you capture and retrieve every insight quickly. Sometimes, you end up with way too many meetings. This can make managing and retrieving information from them a really frustrating process.

Here’s a easy 2-step approach to organize meeting notes efficiently and extract valuable information from them in seconds:

Adopting a consistent template for all your meeting notes can greatly enhance their readability and accessibility. This uniform format helps everyone involved to easily locate and reference information when needed. Here are some essential sections to include in your template:

Attendees: List the names of those who attended the meeting as well as those who were absent.

Agenda: Provide a clear outline of the meeting’s agenda to guide the discussion.

Main Points: Document key discussion highlights, decisions made, and critical points raised.

Action Items: Record any tasks that were agreed upon, assignees responsible for each task, and their deadlines.

Open Issues: Note any unresolved questions or topics that require further exploration or follow-up.

You can create this template in your preferred notes application and use it for all meetings to maintain consistency.

Once your notes are structured and saved, leverage a tool like to manage and search across your notes effortlessly. allows you to query your notes using simple questions, making it easy to find specific information without manually sifting through documents.

For instance, you can ask:

– “What notes do I have with Maria?”

– “What are the action items from the meeting with client XYZ?”

With, you don’t need to manually organize meeting notes or spend excessive effort managing them because you can find anything you want when you want it.

Just follow your simple template, save your notes, and retrieve any information you need at any time with a simple query.

By implementing these steps, you can ensure that you can always find things you want among your meeting notes, allowing you to maximize productivity, stay on top of your tasks and responsibilities.

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