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Introduction guide to using multiple AI models

Introduction guide to using multiple AI models in

Ready to dive into the world of multiple AIs on Saner.AI?

Here’s a quick guide to get you started

Here’s a detailed overview:

Switching Between AIs

You can easily use different AIs on to suit your needs. Just click on the name of the AI in the bottom left-hand corner of the chat. Here’s what each AI specializes in:

    • Skai: Focus on your notes and documents on Saner.AI.
    • Ally: Great for internet searches.
    • GPT4, Claude 3, Gemini Pro: Foundational models

Changing Answer Modes

Depending on how deep you want to go:

    • Fast Mode: Quick responses, less detail.
    • Deep Mode: More comprehensive answers, takes a bit longer.

Managing AI Responses

    • Copy to Clipboard: Click the icon below any AI response.
    • Create a Note: Click the dropdown arrow next to the “Copy to clipboard” icon and select “Create a note.”
    • View Notes in List: Click the “List” icon below the AI response for a list view of all relevant note
    • View Notes in Graph: Click the “Graph” icon for a mindmap view

Additional Features

    • Refresh Conversation: Hit the refresh icon in the bottom right-hand corner if you need to start afresh.
    • AI in Right Sidebar: Move the AI chat to the sidebar for a more integrated experience.

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