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Introduction Guide to Similar Notes in

Introduction Guide to Similar Notes in

The “Similar Note” feature on Saner.AI is all about sparking your creativity and helping you connect the dots between your thoughts.

As we accumulate vast amounts of information overtime—articles, quotes, lessons—it’s easy to forget some due to sheer volume. Unfortunately, once forgotten, these insights are lost, buried, and their value diminishes.

To combat this, we’ve developed the “Similar Notes” feature

How it works?

When you view a note, this feature automatically suggests other notes you’ve written that are related in content or theme.

It’s like having an intuitive assistant who reminds you of those “aha!” moments from the past, bringing them back when they’re most relevant.

This can be super handy for linking ideas, expanding on concepts, or just rediscovering old gems you saved 10 years ago! Perfect for keeping your thoughts fluid and your projects dynamic!

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