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Introduction guide to Internet Search in

Introduction guide to Internet search in

Hey everyone, ready to do internet search in 

Here’s a quick guide to get you started

Why do internet search in a note app?

In today’s digital landscape, the process of searching for information is typically divided into two distinct areas:

1. Search external information – with Google, Bing, AIs

2. Search your internal information – with search feature in note apps

This happen frequently especially when you are working on something with your existing information and then want to get another perspective on the internet.

However, this creates context switching, distraction. We may end up falling into the rabbit hole of new information instead of finishing the task. This is especially challenging for ones with ADHD.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way and nothing stopped us from integrate internet search directly to our note app to create one seamless working space.

At, we believe that integrating internet search capabilities directly into our note app can significantly streamline this process, creating a seamless workspace that enhances productivity and minimizes distractions

Here’s a detailed overview:

Right now, to do the internet search on, you just need to:

    • Choose Ally in the AI chat bar
    • Toggle on the Web search mode

If you want to consult foundation AI models, you just need to

    • Choose AI models you want (GPT4, Claude3, Gemini Pro)
    • Then ask them right away

Here’s an exemplary workflow with Ally

We envision that with this feature, our workflow will become more seamless, productive and creativity. Without context switching.

By merging these functionalities, we envision a future where your workflow is seamless, your productivity is enhanced, and your creativity knows no bounds—all without the hassle of context switching.

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