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Introduction guide to Inbox in

Introduction about Inbox in

Hey !

I’m thrilled to walk you through the Inbox feature in Saner.AI, a central hub designed to enhance how you manage, organize, and revisit your notes.

Here’s a detailed overview:


Easy Access: The Inbox is conveniently located in the left sidebar of the Saner.AI interface. This placement ensures that it’s one of the first things you see when you log in, making it hard to miss.

Central Gathering Point: The Inbox automatically collects all your new notes. It’s the go-to place for catching up on the latest updates and insights.

Realtime Updates: As you create new notes or revisit old ones, the Inbox updates in real time to reflect the most current information, ensuring you’re always on top of your note-taking game.

Automatic Collection: Every new note you create is automatically sent to your Inbox. This ensures that nothing gets lost and that your newest ideas are always easy to find.

Actions You Can Perform

    • Mark as Read: Once you’ve reviewed a note, you can mark it as read. This helps in keeping the Inbox organized, showing only the items that still need your attention.
    • Auto Tagging: Utilize the Auto Tag feature right from the Inbox to automatically categorize your notes based on their content. This is particularly useful for sorting and retrieving notes later.
    • Move to Folders: For further organization, you can move notes from the Inbox to designated folders. This is great for categorizing notes under specific projects or themes.

Benefits of Using the Inbox for Brain Dumps

    • Reminder System: The Inbox acts as a natural reminder system. Notes that are unmarked or not yet categorized catch your eye, prompting action.
    • Categorization Aid: With easy access to Auto Tagging and manual move options, categorizing notes becomes a seamless part of the note-taking process, rather than a separate chore.

The Inbox feature in Saner.AI is designed to simplify how you interact with your notes. By serving as a central hub for all new and recent activities, it not only helps in reminding but also enhances your ability to manage and organize information effectively.
Whether you're dumping your ideas during the day or categorizing deep research insights, the Inbox is your ultimate tool for staying organized and productive.

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