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How to Put AI Chat alongside your notes?

How to Put AI Chat alongside your notes?

In today’s fast-paced world, leveraging AI for assistance has become second nature.

However, the process of using them alongside traditional note-taking methods often results in chaotic context switching and distractions.

Picture this: you’re deep in a brainstorming session, bouncing ideas off an AI bot, only to pause repeatedly, switching between the AI bot and your note-taking app to jot down or refine your thoughts.

This constant back-and-forth not only disrupts your flow of ideas but also fragments your focus, making it challenging to maintain a cohesive train of thought.

In a world where productivity is key, shouldn’t there be a smoother way to harness the power of AI without sacrificing focus?

Yes, there is with

Here’s a quick guide on how you can do it:

1. Click “Ask AI”

Click on the “Ask AI” button in the top left corner of your dashboard.

2. Choose Your AI

You can switch between different AIs (Skai, or others like Ally, GPT4, Claude3, Gemini Pro) by clicking the AI’s name at the bottom left corner of the chat.

3. Ask away

Simply type your questions or commands into the chat, and the AI will respond quickly.

4. Put the AI bot to Sidebar:

For a more streamlined experience, you can move the AI chat to the right sidebar. Just hover over the “Ask AI” button and click the arrow icon.

Put AI chat alongside your notes

This setup should help you leverage AI to make your chat and note more seamlessly without switching tabs all the time

Dive in and see how it transforms your working flow with AI!

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