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How do i find my qantas frequent flyer number? The most simple way

How do i find my qantas frequent flyer number?

Hey everyone!

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter lately about folks having trouble remembering their Qantas frequent flyer number. It seems like a common issue: you’re all set to book a flight and bam, you need to enter that elusive number.

So, I thought it would be super helpful to put together a little guide with some easy tips to help you quickly find or remember your Qantas frequent flyer number. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out with Qantas, these pointers should make your life a bit easier!

There are two ways to do this: the manual way and the way.

If you can’t remember your Frequent Flyer membership number, no worries! 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding it manually, along with some advantages and disadvantages of this method.

The Manual Search Method:

    • Check Your Membership Card: Your number is on your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership card.
    • Look at Your Emails: It’s at the top of your monthly Qantas Frequent Flyer e-newsletter or most other emails from Qantas Frequent Flyer.
      • Click on ‘Log in’.
      • Select ‘Forgot number?’ next to the Frequent Flyer number field.
      • Enter the email address associated with your membership.
      • Check your inbox for an email with your number.

If you don’t receive an email or still can’t find your number, here are a few more ways to get help:

    • Fill Out the Contact Form: Complete our online contact form, choosing ‘Login’ from the nature of enquiry options.
    • Call Qantas team: Reach out to the Frequent Flyer Service Centre at 7am to 7pm (AET) Monday to Saturday. One of our consultants will assist you.
    • No need for extra tools: You don’t need any special software or apps; just access to your email and the internet.
    • Privacy control: You handle all the searching yourself, which means your personal information isn’t shared with third parties.
    • Time-consuming: Depending on how organized your emails are, or how familiar you are with the Qantas website, this process can take a bit of time.
    • Potential for missing information: If emails have been deleted or if the website is down, you might not be able to find your number when you need it.
    • Requires internet access: You need to have access to the internet to search through emails or log into the Qautas website, which might not be possible everywhere

Using to find your Delta frequent flyer number can make the process much easier and faster than traditional methods. Here’s how it works:

    • Wrote down your Frequent flyer number one time only
    • Search for Your Number anytime anywhere: Simply ask AI “ Qantas frequent flyer”. It will show your frequent flyer number almost instantly with citation
    • Speed: One of the biggest benefits is how quickly you can find your number. Instead of sifting through emails manually, does the heavy lifting in seconds.
    • Convenience: Everything is done within one platform — no need to jump between your email and the Qantas website.
    • Efficiency: Reduces the chance of overlooking the number, as the AI is designed to specifically find and highlight this information for you.
    • Requires internet access: You need to have access to the internet to search through emails or log into the Qantas website, which might not be possible everywhere.

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