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Write Daily Note and do Daily Reflection easily with AI

Daily notes and Daily reflection in minutes

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to introduce our new daily note features, including the ability to quickly perform daily reflection with AI.

These tools make creating daily journals, quick notes, and gaining insights easier than ever.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Accessing Timeline Views

To begin, click on the timeline to access daily, weekly, and monthly views. Each view offers unique functionalities to help you stay organized.

Daily View

    • In the daily view, you can:
    • Add notes and tasks.
    • View notes and tasks you’ve created or spoken via our Telegram bot.

Weekly and Monthly Views

    • These views allow you to see all your notes and tasks within those timeframes, giving you a broader overview of your activities and plans.

2. Storing Daily Notes

All your daily notes can be stored in a location of your choice. Here’s how to set it up:

    • Go to Settings.
    • Select “Capture Folder.”
    • Choose your desired file location, such as a “Daily Journal” folder.

This ensures that all your notes are organized and easily accessible.

3. Gaining Insights from Your Notes

Reflecting on your notes can provide valuable insights, but finding time for daily reflection can be challenging. Our new features make this process quicker and more efficient using AI.

How to Use AI for Daily Reflections

    • Select Notes: Choose the notes you want to reflect on in your Daily Journal folder.
    • Ask for Insights: Ask AI to analyze and provide insights from your notes.
    • Utilize Insights: Use these insights for personal reflection or create new notes from them immediately.

Whether you’re using these features for personal reflection, task management, or gaining insights, our new daily note features are designed to streamline your life and make it more straightforward.

Happy journaling!


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