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Create Marketing Content without Context Switching

Create Marketing Content without Context Switching provides a note working space that minimizes overwhelm, distractions, and forgetfulness for knowledge professionals and entrepreneurs.

Here’s an example workflow with

Imagine you are a founder, and you want to create content about marketing in the AI era.

First, you need to do research. With our extension, you can capture any helpful text with sources via shortcut. It follows you around the web, so you don’t have to switch between tabs. You can toggle it on or off so it does not disrupt your focus flow.

You may forget what you have searched, but we can prevent that because all your new notes are sent to your inbox, where you can review, auto-tag, mark as read, and move them to designated folders.

Then, you need to consolidate information about this topic. It’s hard when notes are scattered and you don’t remember the exact words you used. But with us, you can just ask the AI in natural language to summarize across notes. It returns a direct answer with a citation  and a graph view to connect the dots.

After that, to start putting pieces together as a post, you can save the AI response as a note, then put the AI chat right alongside the note to continue asking and refining.

If you want to find external information, you can search the internet or ask AI models like GPT4 directly on one screen, without the need to switch tabs.

You can also leverage past knowledge by viewing your relevant notes.

So all the work is in one flow, seamlessly, without switching multiple tabs.

This way, it is easier for knowledge professionals to capture, find back information, search for new ones, and leverage past knowledge to create the work.

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