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Chat with specific documents quickly

Chat with specific documents

Hello everyone,

Imagine having many notes on a research topic, meticulously vetted and saved, yet unsure how to extract actionable insights from them because they are all over the place.

With, you can effortlessly extract the insights from your notes and turn them into actionable takeaways.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Step-by-Step Guide

Select Your Notes:

    • Open and navigate to your saved notes or folders.
    • Choose the specific files that you want to focus on.

Ask Your Question:

    • Formulate your question based on what you need. For instance, “Hey, what should I focus on to grow my startup in the first phase?”
    • Ask the AI directly about the selected notes.

Get Actionable Insights:

    • The AI will analyze the selected notes and provide you with direct, actionable answers based on your curated content.

2. Versatile Use Cases isn’t just to get insights on startup growth strategies. You can use it to:

    • Compare Research Papers: Select specific papers and ask the AI to summarize key findings or compare methodologies.
    • Analyze Articles: Quickly get insights from various articles you’ve saved on a particular topic.
    • Review Meeting Notes: Summarize or extract action points from your meeting notes.

3. Seamless Integration

Unlike other tools that create a disconnect between AI and your knowledge base, seamlessly integrates AI with your vetted sources. This means:

    • Refined Knowledge: Continuously improve your understanding by integrating new insights with existing knowledge.
    • Effortless Content Creation: Select sources and ask the AI to draft a blog post or report. Then, create a new note from it and start writing immediately. makes it easy to convert your insights into actionable steps, whether you’re working on a startup strategy, conducting research, or creating content.

Start leveraging your notes more effectively and see how it transforms your productivity and knowledge application.

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