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Brain Dump – 3 Specific Steps to Overcome Overwhelm

Brain Dump - Scientific solutions for people who always feel overwhelmed

Information coming from many sources such as social networks, work, and family,… always clutches your brain with an information system that needs processing.

You need a solution to this problem, and a brain dump is a great way!

I. Overview Brain dump

1. What is Brain Dump

There are too many concepts for Brain Dump, but in the simplest terms, it is the transfer of knowledge in your brain to another storage medium such as paper, computer hard drive, tools… It can free you from overload, not being able to remember or even worse, “brain paralysis”.

When you start getting used to brain dumping, it will be very difficult for you to write down your thoughts, but you know, “a difficult beginning often has a very beautiful ending”.

Here are some simple ways to use this method effectively

2. Four types of Brain Dump technique

In your notes, you can use these types of brain dumps to organize information better:

Free flow – this is best used when trying to calm your chaotic mind. You just write anything and everything without changing or deleting.

It could be a new idea running through your head, or something you’ve been thinking about.

Focus on goals – this is intentional writing, and the best way to plan your day.

It could be an evening where you list the tasks or plans you plan to do the next day. This will help you have a less anxious night and sleep better. Basically prioritize tasks and be prepared in advance.

Gratitude – In this style, you focus on the positives—everything you’re grateful for and everything you’ve accomplished will be written or marked complete.

It’s a great way to change your perspective; regularly practicing gratitude can significantly reduce anxiety and foster a greater sense of well-being.

Weekly Review – This is your weekly summary where you take some time to reflect on the past week’s achievements and reassess your broader life goals. This is a great opportunity to see where you are on your life map and make adjustments to ensure you’re in line with your long-term aspirations.

3. The Benefits of Brain Dumping

Using Brain Dumping to Manage Your Mental Health

81% of workers said work stress affected their mental health.

Work stress has somewhat impacted the mental health of many people. When stress and anxiety start to take over, you can really feel like your thoughts are a jumbled mess, leaving you easily stuck and disoriented.

One 2021 study found that participating in a brain dump activity helped lower students’ intrinsic cognitive load. Research from 2021 also shows that writing things down can improve recall and memory.

Using Brain dump will give you a sense of control:

    • Lighten your load: Just by writing down those nagging, worrying thoughts, you may feel a significant burden being lifted from your head, your brain will relax a bit.
    • Clarity and direction: Seeing your thoughts laid out right in front of you can help you easily identify what’s really bothering you and guide you to find the solution or direction you have never seen before.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, try doing a brain dump. Just write down everything on your mind to help you relax for a bit.

Boost productivity and focus

When your mind is full of thoughts and you can’t concentrate on any one thing, it can be tough to decide what to do next. 

Should you focus on the new task from your boss to earn some praise, or should you go pick up your kids to take care of your family duties? 

It’s easy to spend a lot of time just sitting and thinking without getting anything done. All your tasks, chores, and worries are fighting for your attention.

Brain dump helps you to eliminate the mental distractions, and free up space for more focused work. Here’s how:

    • Prioritize easily: By writing everything down, you can see all your tasks and worries laid out before you. This makes it easy to spot urgent or important items, allowing you to reduce your mental burden by crossing them off your list.
    • Clear the clutter in your mind: Once you’ve identified what really needs your attention, you’ll find it easier to focus. With fewer distractions, you can devote your energy to what really matters, whether that’s excelling at work or being there for your family.
Improve creativity and don't miss important information

Have you ever felt a good idea flash through your mind and then disappear? You try to remember it but can’t, it’s so annoying, isn’t it?

When your brain is clogged with worries and to-dos, it can’t flow freely, you miss many opportunities to grasp ideas and sometimes forget important information.

At times like these, take a moment to write down your thoughts, because:

    • You may see connections between ideas you hadn’t considered before, which will spark inspiration. When your mind is less cluttered, you’ll be open to fresh perspectives and creative solutions.
    • When ideas come and go quickly, you might miss chances to be creative. Remember, opportunities aren’t really lost; they’re just grabbed by someone else if you don’t take them.
Enhance decision-making

It’s important to consider all the necessary factors when making decisions. But that can be hard to do when your mind is preoccupied with other thoughts.

By putting your thoughts down during a brain dump, you lay out all the pros, cons, and concerns impacting your decision. This visual representation helps you weigh your options more objectively.

When we’re anxious, we often make rash choices. Brain dumping also helps you separate your emotions from the decision-making process so that you can assess the situation clearly. It cuts through the mental chatter and identifies what’s most important and effective for reaching the outcome you want.

4. Who can get the most benefits from brain dump?

Brain dump is a versatile tool that can benefit many individuals, especially those with specific focus or attention difficulties such as ADHD. Here are people who may find braindumps particularly useful:

    • ADHDers and People with high-stress levels: Brain dump are beneficial for people with ADHD because they help reduce mental clutter, increase focus, and improve organization. By regularly recording thoughts and tasks, people with ADHD can manage overwhelms and plan more effectively.
    • Students: Students of all ages can benefit from a mental workout to clear their minds before studying, which can improve concentration and memory. It is also useful for coming up with ideas for projects or essays.
    • Experts: In any professional environment, from corporate environments to creative fields, mental focus can help manage workload and stress. It’s a great way to prioritize tasks and clarify goals for the day or week ahead.
    • Writers and artists: Creative people often have countless ideas floating around. Brain dumps can help capture these thoughts and discover connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, potentially sparking new creative projects.
    • Organizers and planners: People who are successful at organizing can use their intellect to organize their thoughts and refine their planning strategies, ensuring that nothing important is overlooked.
    • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs often have to juggle multiple tasks and ideas. Brain dumps can help them clear their minds, prioritize tasks, and focus on important aspects of their business.
    • Anyone who feels overwhelmed: Essentially, anyone who feels overwhelmed by thoughts, tasks, or responsibilities can use brain dumping to gain clarity and relieve mental pressure. It is a simple, adaptable strategy that can be adjusted to fit individual needs and lifestyles.

II. Difficulty using brain dump

Using the brain dump method can be tricky because everyone has different reasons for doing it. Some people use it to clear their minds, while others use it for planning or taking notes. 

Here are some common challenges with brain dumping. You can use this information to pick the best way to do a brain dump and avoid mistakes.

Here are two common difficulties:

1. Using too many note-taking tools

Information flashes by very quickly, you are unprepared, so taking notes quickly is obvious, that’s why sometimes the information you record is scattered across applications. digital apps, notebooks, sticky notes, or even random pieces of paper.

    • The variety of locations can make it difficult to retrieve information when needed, as one has to remember where each piece of information is stored, which doubles the headache.
    • This scattering of notes can increase anxiety and feelings of overwhelm because important tasks or ideas may be forgotten or overlooked.

2. The amount of information is too large

Another problem is that there are too many notes and information for you to search. While the main purpose of a brain dump is to help a person clear their mind by transferring thoughts to paper or digital format, without a method of filtering or prioritizing these notes, one may find there is a large amount of information that is difficult to manage.

    • This can lead to increased mental clutter, as the individual may feel burdened by vast amounts of unorganized and unprocessed information.
    • You will find it difficult to find information, distinguish between urgent tasks and less important ones, potentially leading to procrastination or neglect of important tasks.

III. So how to do brain dump effectively?

1. Choose an effective brain dump app to eliminate your difficult

To fix the problems mentioned, you need to start by picking a simple and effective note-taking tool that meets these needs:

    • If you’re using many note-taking apps, try to use just one that lets you write down information fast and keeps all your notes together

-> This helps you stay organized and not miss anything important.

    • If you have too much information and it’s hard to find what you need, pick an app that helps you organize your notes, lets you tag and categorize your notes and can find things quickly.

-> The right app should make it easy to manage and keep your information in order. This will help you stay organized and save time.

Based on the above criteria, I would recommend using, because with it, you can:

    • Quickly capture notes and clips via the side panel without switching around.
    • Ability to find back information based on what you remember.
    • A personal AI provides relevant suggestions for what you are working on.
    • Ability to use multiple AI bots (GPT4, Claude3, Gemini Pro, search Internet), alongside your notes, helps you brainstorm and write on a single screen.
    • Write tasks directly in your notes and receive reminders until they are completed.

Choosing the right tool will definitely set you up for success!

2. Three steps for an effective brain dump

Capture everything

Best general method for brain dump

    • Write down everything: Start by writing down whatever is on your mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy or not organized. Just get your thoughts out on paper or on a computer.


    • This ensures you don’t miss any important information. By capturing all your thoughts, you make sure that no valuable ideas or tasks are overlooked.

Using for Brain Dump

    • Capture Information Quickly with the Chrome Extension: has a tool that works in your internet browser. It lets you quickly save any information you find online. This is great for keeping track of things without interrupting your browsing.
    • Record fleeting Information with AI Telegram bot: also offers a feature through Telegram, a messaging app. This bot helps you quickly note down thoughts or information on the go. It’s handy for capturing ideas the moment they come to you, no matter where you are.
Sort your notes

After capturing the necessary information, you start with reviewing and classifying the information therein.

Best general method for brain dump

    • Create different topics and organize the ideas you get into appropriate categories, you should even have a section for your random, miscellaneous thoughts.
    • Tips: you can rely on the brain dump classification above to sort


    • When you do this work, you will easily notice the change in your mind, your mind becomes more focused, and you can recognize which areas need to spend more time and effort.
    • An effective brain dump will draw your attention to the things that really matter.

When performing the brain dump method, many people often feel skeptical about its effectiveness. They believe that some written information is useless, “a waste of time to write”. But remember, what you write sometimes doesn’t work now but you may need it someday in the future.

Using to Help

    • Auto tag feature: This tool automatically sorts your notes into categories for you. It makes organizing easier.
    • Similar note feature: This helps you find notes that are related. It’s useful for linking ideas together or grouping similar tasks.

Using these steps and tools can help you turn a messy pile of thoughts into a clear plan of action.


Look over what you saved before. Now you can start to organize your thoughts, decide what’s important, and what you can ignore.

How to Revisit Your Brain Dump

    • Go back and look at your previous notes. Don’t worry if they seem a bit messy.
    • Highlighter or a pen to mark things that seem important now or that you still need to do.
    • Put similar ideas together. These could be things for work, home, or any other area of your life.


    • Find new ideas: You might discover new ways to handle things.
    • Check your Progress: You can see what you’ve done and what you still need to work on.
    • Focus better: Getting rid of old or unimportant thoughts helps you concentrate on what really matters.

Using for Brain Dump

    • Use ” inbox feature“: Go to your “inbox” to look over what you’ve saved. This is where you can see everything you’ve entered. While reviewing, you can change details or highlight items that are important.
    • If something in your “inbox” isn’t important, you can delete it right away. This way, your “inbox” helps you keep only the useful stuff and stay organized’
    • Use AI Search: Use the AI search feature to quickly find specific items in your inbox. Just type in keywords related to what you’re looking for.
Review to make a todo list out of it

Instead of wasting time thinking about what you have to do today and getting caught up in all that work, now all you need to do is go straight to the brain dump.

To make a to-do list from your brain dump, follow these steps:

    • Go to your brain dump: Start by looking at all the information you’ve dumped into your brain dump.
    • Pick top tasks: Identify the 2-3 most important tasks for the day. Consider what’s urgent or big and needs attention first.
    • Set priorities: Arrange these tasks by their importance and urgency. Start with the most critical tasks.


This method turns your notes into actionable tasks. By organizing your day around key priorities, you’ll save time and energy. You’ll know exactly what needs to be done and how to approach it, making your day more productive.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, a brain dump is a great way to deal with daily information overload.

Choose an app, write down your thoughts, review them and you may feel more organized and less stressed!

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