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Stay on top of work and life with peace of mind

One-stop AI Productivity app for ADHD

Drowning in information? Forgetting tasks? Our intuitive app, with AI grounded in your knowledge, simplifies your life by consolidating notes, searches, and to-dos into one place. No more juggling multiple apps.

No learning curve or CC required

+8000 professionals uses Saner.aiWhat about you?


ADHD Coach



Content creators

Capture information quickly

Brain dump and save information with ease. Say goodbye to the stress of finding how to store them

How it works?

Find, ask and brainstorm easily

Save time, get accurate and holistic insights in simple steps.All made possible by your personal AI

Recall knowledge you forgot

Do your knowledge work in one place

Ask AIs & internet along side your working docs.Goodbye context switching

Never lose context for your tasks again

Find every open task with its context in one view

Smart Inbox

Display your new notes to get things done

Tag Suggestion

Suggest tags based on note’s content & previous tags

Similar Note

Easily connect with similar knowledge in the past 

and essential features

AI Writing assistance

Hierarchical folders

Hardened security

Robust Integration

(Coming soon)

Versatile Templates

(Coming soon)

Recording to text

AI Task Assistant

(Coming soon)

Share & Collaboration

(Coming soon)

Come with automatic organizing

Easily become organized without getting bogged down with manual nitty-gritty

Play Video

See in action

You research on many tabs. And you must switch tabs every time you want to note & record the sources

Your Note app doesn't give direct answer for your search. All you found is frustration & a missed deadline.

You forget the knowledge you noted in the past. And that's it. They are lost, buried, and brings no value to you.

You struggle to capture and use information seamlessly?

Loved byEntrepreneurs, ADHDr, Learners & Creators

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