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7 Best AI Note-Taking Apps in 2024: Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

7 Best AI Note-Taking Tools in 2024: Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

With information overload becoming more severe day by day, the need to note and organize information effectively is becoming increasingly important.
Fortunately, the current AI revolution is introducing new, effective methods for note-taking and information management.

Those AI Note-taking apps can help you search for things in natural language, create smart summaries, and even identify key points from competitions, reviews, or interviews.

If you're looking to upgrade your note-taking and unlock new productivity, here's the 7 best AI note-taking tools of 2024. is your Simple yet Powerful AI Note-taking app, enabling you to retrieve, bring back and develop your insights without context switching. It allows you to:

    • Easily capture information without juggling tab via our Chrome extension 
    • Quickly find anything we search for with natural language and citation
    • Bring back relevant knowledge they forgot by note suggestion
    • Find new ideas with internet search, different AIs model in 1 screen with your work context
    • It also have simple UI, with crafted features to reduce context switching & mental strain like
    • AI chat alongside note
    • Tag suggestion
    • Focus writing mode

Key Features: has everything you need – clipper, auto-organize, semantic search, AI chat, sidebar note – to turn your scattered information to valuable insights (in just a few clicks)

Ideal For: Knowledge Professionals seeking a versatile solution for managing meetings and projects, entrepreneurs, especially individuals with ADHD, and more.

Notion for notes & docs

Notion has long been a favorite for its versatile note-taking and organizational tools. Notion AI assists users in drafting, summarizing, and organizing content, making it a good tool for researchers, writers, and anyone in need of streamlining their workflow.

    • Key Features: AI drafting assistance, content summarization, advanced organization tools.
    • Ideal For: Writers, researchers, and individuals seeking an extensive organizational system.

Use notion here

What is Evernote? The app explainedEvernote has integrated AI to enhance its already robust note-taking capabilities. The new AI features help users organize notes more, search content using natural language, and suggest note-taking templates based on the user’s habits.

    • Key Features: AI-assisted organization, natural language search, template suggestions.
    • Ideal For: Individuals looking for a traditional note taking app

Use Evernote here

Roam Research – A note taking tool for networked thought.Roam Research has introduced AI features that leverage its unique bi-directional linking system, allowing users to connect ideas and notes in a networked thought map. Its AI capabilities help in generating new ideas, linking related concepts, and summarizing information across notes.

    • Key Features: AI-generated ideas, bi-directional linking, information summarization, backlink
    • Ideal For: Academics, writers, and thinkers who thrive on connecting ideas and concepts.

Download Roam here

Obsidian on Linux: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide - LinuxForDevices

Obsidian’s approach to AI note-taking focuses on building a personal knowledge base. Its AI features support the creation of interconnected notes, making it easier to navigate and expand upon complex ideas and projects.

    • Key Features: Knowledge base creation, interconnected notes, backlink
    • Ideal For: Researchers, students, and professionals building extensive knowledge bases.

Download obsidian here

6. Google Keep AI: The Quick Note-Taker

7 Reasons to Actually Start Using Google Keep | PCMag

Google Keep has integrated AI to enhance its quick note-taking capabilities, offering features like automatic categorization, reminder suggestions based on note content, and summarization of longer notes for quick reference.

    • Key Features: Automatic categorization, reminder suggestions, note summarization.
    • Ideal For: Busy individuals needing to capture and organize thoughts quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft's new AI Copilot arrives in OneNote in November - The VergeMicrosoft OneNote’s AI enhancements focus on collaboration, offering real-time note collaboration, AI-generated meeting minutes, and action items from your notes. It’s an ideal tool for teams and projects requiring seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem.

    • Key Features: Real-time collaboration, AI-generated meeting minutes, Microsoft ecosystem integration.
    • Ideal For: Teams and individuals deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Use it here


As we progress through 2024, AI note-taking applications now serve as comprehensive platforms that improve our capacity to conceptualize, organize, and collaborate.

Whether you’re a professional in search of an all-encompassing meeting solution like or a researcher constructing a detailed knowledge base with Obsidian, there’s an AI note-taking tool specifically tailored to meet your requirements. 

By harnessing the power of AI note-taking tools, you can refine your workflow, amplify productivity, and capture every crucial detail.

With the ideal tool at your disposal, you can supercharge your productivity and creativity, then gaining the additional edge you’ve been longing for

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